Bank Chor Movie Review

Financial institution Chor tale: Champak and his minions strive a bank robbery, however Inspector Amjad Khan is prepared to double-pass them. As they hatch an escape plan, a third participant receives prepared to rob them in their institution Chor overview: The blueprint of financial institution Chor ought to have had one training on it: include jokes approximately people that Indian Twitter customers like to flinch-watch. So there’s an inexplicable cameo via Baba Sehgal, a without a doubt (truly!) forced shaggy dog story about Bappi Lahiri, a connection with Himesh Reshammiya and a throwaway line about a certain loudmouth information anchor.. marvel why the writers unnoticed Bobby Deol?
Bobby could have been spared, however the film opens with a baba who enters the financial institution with a lota and a gun. No questions requested. this is Champak (Deshmukh) who plans to loot the bank together with his companions Gulab (Arora) and Genda (Thapa). but before they could a lot as inspect the situation internal, inspector Amjab Khan (Oberoi) lands up out of doors.

Khan lies to the media approximately having an secret agent in the bank, making the novice robbers panic. however he doesn’t recognize that his lie isn’t that off. The hostages in the bank soon get a rude wonder.
at the same time as the human beings on this aspect of the screen have visible it coming. the first half has puns that most effective the characters discover funny, and situations which are too handy to motive intrigue. You constantly locate your self arising with higher solutions to conditions than the movie provides. but, it leaves logical flaws and stupid antics in the back of and cleans up its (third) act.

The bumps within the script don’t keep lower back the performers. Riteish’s middle-class Marathiness endears him to the viewer; Vivek’s the precise suitable cop to all the thugs round him; Thapa and Arora as Delhi goons are hilarious ‘” there’s a spin-off ready to show up with those . Rhea Chakraborty has perfected the art of succeeding in small, assisting roles with out shouldering too much duty, and Sahil Vaid’s overall performance singularly pulls up the film.

but otherwise, it is too paying homage to bank-heist movies of the beyond; there are even clean shoutouts to the Dhoom franchise. A better course of action and some dry runs with the script would have ensured a product to financial institution on.


Champak an aam admi from Mumbai teams up with two petty thieves from Delhi NCR, Genda and Gulab to loot a bank in South Mumbai. They surprise everyone with their tomfoolery and it doesn’t take long for the bank’s employees and customers to understand that they are inexperienced amateurs. While they can’t even properly scare their hostages, they seal the bank’s main locker in an attempt to open it.

Those who were thinking, ‘so this is the story!’ take a break as the real story begins NOW!

While the trio, who the customers call 3 idiots, continue to bore everyone with their antics, the real robber starts his action. Jugnu, who till now was pretending to be a customer takes charge of the situation and along with his men start looking for a hard drive.

Meanwhile, there is a cold war going outside the bank between the police and the CBI. While CBI Chief Amjad Khan takes charge, the cops busy themselves in playing mobile games and sipping tea and only takes position every time there is the sound of a bullet fired from inside the building. While the police and CBI continue to wait outside, they don’t enter the building fearing for the lives of the customers and employees who are held hostage. They don’t seem to be in a mood to enter the building also. Meanwhile the media reaches the venue.

The bank chor trio gets in touch with Gayatri Ganguly, a news channel reporter to tell the CBI via her that they are not the real thieves.

However, it soon turns out that Jugnu is also not the real bank chor. Who is the actual bank chor then

Bank Chor Review: Script Analysis

Y-Film’s latest release Bank Chor appears to be a comedy from its trailer and hence I entered the theatre with the expectation of watching a comedy. But what starts as a comedy soon turns into a nail-biting gripping thriller! The credit for this unexpected twist in the tale completely goes to the writers Baljeet Singh Marwah, Bumpy Omkar Sane and Ishita Moitra Udhwani.

There are LOL moments in between but I would be very wrong if I label the movie as a comedy which it clearly is not. It is a gripping thriller in the garb of a comedy.

Fewer subplots could serve to make the film a little crisper. The Robin Hood part was absolutely not required.

Also, a CBI officer consulting a trainee journalist for her suggestions on a serious operation like bank theft came as somewhat absurd to me.